What Happens If You Run Out Of Golf Balls?

Are refurbished golf balls okay?

Let’s start by saying all golf balls after they have been hit once are used golf balls.

When recovered, balls that are of great quality but cosmetically challenged are put through a refinishing process.

Like refinished golf balls, Recycled golf balls should feel and play as a new ball would.

How often do pro golfers change balls?

You started with the Pro V1x, so the Pro V1x is what you must use on every stroke. If the “one ball rule” is not in effect, however, golfers may swap out different types of golf balls at any point in a round of golf, so long as the change is made in-between holes rather than during the play of a hole.

How many balls can a golfer carry?

Most PGA Tour golfers carry in the area of nine golf balls in their bag per round.

When can you replace a damaged golf ball?

There are four rules under the Rules of Golf which allow a player to substitute or change golf balls during a hole. Rules 26-1 (Water Hazard Rule), 27-1 (Ball Lost or Out of Bounds) and 28 (Ball Unplayable) allow a player to replace a golf ball because it cannot be recovered or it cannot be played.