How Do You Get Good At Hungry Shark Evolution?

How do you get more sharks on Hungry Shark Evolution?

Head to the shark selection screen to purchase new sharks and swipe through your collection.

Classic sharks – ramp up from the little reef shark to the most powerful sea monsters.

The more your shark eats, the bigger it gets.

Level up to level 10 to make the next shark available for coin purchase..

What is the highest score on Hungry Shark Evolution?


Which is better hungry shark world or evolution?

Greater graphical dynamism It kind of goes without saying, but Hungry Shark World looks a great deal better than Hungry Shark Evolution too. The new title can plug into and take advantage of the latest hardware, so it can really pull on that Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

What is the best special shark in Hungry Shark Evolution?

The Robo Shark has the qualities of the Great White Shark and (in terms of being immune to all jellyfish poison) the Megalodon. Various special sharks have a big diet, but can’t eat mines at all. The Ghost Shark has the ability to teleport through walls and invincibility unless in Ghoul Rush mode.

What are gulpers in hungry shark?

The Gulper Fish is a creature in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are only found in the cave of the “Dart Board”, in the deepest parts in the far right of the map. They are highly dangerous due to how they lunge at your shark and bite. They are edible to the Tiger Shark and above.